What You Should Know About the Online University That Is Teaching Guitar Courses

The Berklee College of Music is offering an online guitar degree included in an undergraduate degree program. Here’s everything you should know to access this top-quality and convenient music education.

The course

The Berklee College program focuses on arming you with the skills to become a professional guitar player, develop your own style and improve your technique.It starts by teaching you how to set up the gear in your home studio and harness those tools to produce high-quality recordings.

Then, you will go through lessons that focus on harmony, improvisation and ear training. From there, the course will aid you in improving your technical capabilities, including scales, chords, fingering, tone, arranging and performing.


Styles and extras

A very interesting bonus point is that you can choose between deepening your knowledge in a specific style or going through various genres, such as rock, jazz, R&B, country or blues. To top it all, you will even be taught the basics of the functioning of today’s music industry.

Each semester, you will get private guitar lessons with Berklee professors online. As you can see, the Berklee College of Music offers you the online course that can truly leverage your guitar playing to levels you have never imagined.

Curriculum and application

The course curriculum consists of general, required, specific and private lessons. Setting up your schedule is relatively flexible.

To apply, you need to fill out an online application, produce a word or video essay, prepare a recorded audition, attach the required documents and submit two reference letters.

Head over to the Berklee College of Music website to learn everything about the course and all the crucial application and tuition info.

If you are still looking for the right online course, check out this guitar website – there is plenty of usefull information available for free there.

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