How do I get started on learning to play the guitar?

The fact is, you can just grab a guitar and start playing it. You may even make some progress. But if what you really want is to make the most out ofthe time and resources you will spend, you should come up with a plan and a schedule for your practice.

The first guitar


To start off, your first guitar should be a simple and affordable instrument. You can even try to borrow a guitar. If you are struggling to find someone who can lend you one, remember to go for a guitar that is both low-priced and easy to play.

You may be thinking: All I want is to become a great guitar player. Why should my first guitar not reflect that? We have to be honest. Only when you start playing, will you know if that is actually a habit you will want to stick with.

It may not be the hobby for you. So, you should never make a big initial financial investment.

Also, your first guitar should be easy to play so that you can see actual noticeable progress in the beginning stages of your training and always feel motivated throughout.

Of course, once you are totally positive that playing the guitar is something you will definitely want to keep doing, go ahead and get your new top-quality instrument.

Learning methods


One of the most common questions guitar beginners ask is: should I learn with a teacher or online? Well, there is not just one correct answer. As tools for your learning process, you have teachers, websites, online courses, books, software programs, videos, and much more.

You should conduct thorough research on all these methodsbefore deciding on one. For each one, evaluate if it meets your needs, expectations, wishes and style. It’s totally ok if you feel like you should restart your training with a new method.

The digital space offers many great solutionsand you can certainly learn how to play the guitar on the internet. However, never forget that this method requires a lot of discipline to work out since you won’t have a teacher constantly keeping you on the right track.



To put it simply, no one is ever too old to start learning to play the guitar. Even if years have passed between trying out different approaches or you are well into adulthood when you first pick up a guitar, it will never be a waste of time to start playing.