3 Places to Find Free Guitar Classes Online

Yes, you can become a guitar pro without spending a penny. You just need to know where and how. Come along to find out.

Digital music services


On digital music platforms, such as Spotify and Apple Music, you can find audio classes and podcasts to help you learn how to play the guitar. The courses are neatly arranged in albums, each track is a different lesson.

The content is very comprehensive and complete. The topics you can go through on these digital music services will guide you all the way from beginner to expert, as they range from choosing your guitar to the various styles of playing.

Take Lessons Live


This is one of the ultimate options for beginners to find some great free guitar classes. On Take Lessons Live you can access live group classes that will equip you with all the fundamental skills to play the guitar.

You are in charge of choosing which classes you want to take, depending on which techniques you feel you need to perfect. You will quickly discover that the selection of lessons on the website covers all the topics you need to get familiar with throughout your entire learning journey.

A true bonus point is that you can easily get a live teacher who can answer your questions and give you feedback immediately.

The dates and times for the classes are extremely flexible, so everyone is sure to be able to structure a learning plan that suits all of their other daily responsibilities. Besides different dates and times, there are also several instructors you can choose from.

As these lessons are actual live classes, you can get practically all the advantages of an in-person classroom practice without having to move anywhere. Some of the features on the site are paid, but your first month is totally free.

Make the most of it and try as many types of classes and different instructors as you like, without, of course, drowning in too much information or moving along too fast.



As with everything on this enormous content pool, guitar lessons on YouTube range from total trash to absolutely superb. Rest assured that every beginner will find a course that suits them.

The unparalleled benefit of YouTube is that the classes are available 24/7 and you can watch the same lesson as many times as you like. You never have to work on something new before perfectly mastering what you learned previously.

Some of the best guitar playing channels include Justin Sandercoe, Guitareo and GuitarJamz, among several others.

With so many free resources, get started today!

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