4 Pros and 2 Cons of Learning How to Play Guitar Online

In the digital music scene, streaming platforms are growing at an unstoppable pace. Digital is undoubtedly the main medium to consume music today. But streaming is not the only digital music service that is currently thriving.

Online music lessons are rapidly turning guitar beginners from teachers’ studios onto the web. What are the main pros and cons of this digital music service that is spreading online? We will present four of the main pros and two of the main cons.

The 4 pros


A pool of great teachers

It is true that a teacher you practice within the offline world can give you more individualized attention. But a guitar teacher is not automatically good just because they actually meet with their students.

In fact, it is much better to learn with a great teacher online than to learn in-person with an average teacher.

Remember that within the digital space, you are not restricted by physical limitations. You can choose from a pool of endless fabulous guitar instructors anywhere. The probability of finding a great teacher is immeasurably higher.

No need for traveling

You will not have to get stuck in traffic or spend a long time walking to attend a guitar lesson. You can just grab your laptop, connect to the internet and start. Even if you forgot your lesson or are running late, it’s easy to start within seconds.

On the other hand, if that were to happen in the offline world, you would take much more time to get to the place and your time slot would probably be over before you had even started.

Immediate training

While students who learn face to face will spend a significant time on the road to get home after the class and are even likely to run errands before calling it a day, players who learn online at their location can immediately start practicing once the lesson is over and while all the new tips, tricks and ideas are still fresh in their minds.

It has been proven that the method of back-to-back classes and individual training greatly improves performance.

Transferring digital music

With online guitar courses, you can easily download digital music and other learning materials, such as mp3 files with tracks for you to learn and audio instructions, video tutorials or text documents with summaries and explanations.

The 2 cons


Lack of physical touch

With in-person lessons, the teacher can easily help you adjust your fingers, wrists and elbows for you to correctly play the strings.

Needless to say, the instructor closely accompanies your successes, strengths, weaknesses, questions, doubts and struggles. It is also easier for them to adjust to your pace.

Sound quality

The quality of sound you get from an online course will never be as good as playing live with a teacher. The ways of recording can slightly distort the actual tone of the guitar. Look for online classes with the best possible sound quality.

Obviously, there are more pros and cons to learning how to play the guitar online. If you choose a top-quality course, rest assured that the benefits will outweigh the disadvantages.

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