A good guitar course that accompanies you from day one is a powerful tool in your learning process if you know how to fully take advantage of it. Take a look at three of the best websites to learn how to play the guitar online, Guitar Tricks, Fender Play and Jam Play.

All of them provide you with all you need for successful training. For each one, we will go through the main features, unique extras, user interface and payment rates. Come along!

Guitar Tricks

post5 guitar playing - 3 of the Best Online Guitar Courses

Guitar Tricks is a first-class website in the world of online guitar courses. It has over two decades of history and a selection of more than 11,000 lessons and 700 songs.

The navigability is extremely user-friendly and the videos flaunt high-definition and helpful options like looping and slow motion. has more than 30 instructors in various music genres.

The lessons for beginners are some of the best you can find. You will get to start playing quickly without spending too much time on theory. Almost 2 million playershave chosen theplatform.

The blog, forum, community and features also help make the site a top choice. The price is $19.95 per month or $179.95 per year.

Fender Play

post5 guitar mountains - 3 of the Best Online Guitar Courses

Only online since early 2017, Fender Play is already an entity in online guitar classes. The reputation of the platform has grown exponentially and the lessons for beginners aretruly impressive.

The design of the website isfresh and stylish. Just like with Guitar Picks, the videos have fabulous quality. Fender Play is still building up each day, so it still has a few extra features, but it has all you need for successful training.

It is a low-cost optionthat is worth your money. The cost per month is $9.99 and the annual subscription is $89.99.

Jam Play


Besides having one of the most complete catalogs, Jam Play offers some unique features. There are almost 90 top-notch instructors. And guess what. Some of the teachers are former or current members of iconic bands.

You can learn how to play Megadeth songs from Glen Dover and take Machine Head lessons from Robb Flynn and Phil Demmel.

The layout and navigation are sharp, simple and customizable. The videos show multiple angles simultaneously for better understanding. From blues to pop, country to metal, jazz to classic rock, everything is catered for on the platform.

The site also offers live classes. With so much to access, learning on Jam Play will never become repetitive. It costs $19.95 per month, $49.95 every three months or $159.95 annually, which allows for a great saving of $79.45 in comparison to the monthly price.

How to choose

Before choosing the website that will guide you on your way to becoming a pro, check out all three of them and try out their free trials. Test everything, from the classes to the extras and from the format to the interface.

Guitar Tricks, Fender Play and Jam Play can all be a perfect choice as long as they meet your needs, wishes, expectations and style. Remember, you will be spending money. So, it is essential that you make a conscious decision.


The internet allows you to do and learn practically anything. Learning to play the guitar is no exception. But be careful. The number of online solutions can be overwhelming. You need to think, plan and choose wisely before starting practicing. Here are five points you must consider.

Commit to a schedule

When you are learning online and don’t have to worry about missing an appointment with a teacher, it’s natural that some days you feel the temptation to skip practice. But the more you do it, the less you’ll want to get back to the lessons and the less guilt you will feel for doing it.

Come up with a realistic schedule and commit to it. Learning online requires a lot of discipline, but you can train for just 15 or 20 minutes a day. What matters is consistency.

Decide the topics and the length of each session

Your schedule should not only determine the time of your session but also what you will be covering and for how long. Don’t waste the time of your practice thinking about what you will be working on.

Ask for help

It is certainly possible for you to learn how to play the guitar online completely on your own and do a great job. But if you are feeling unsure about something or less motivated, reach out to other people.

Perhaps you can schedule an in-person class from time to time. Go on online forums of guitar player communities and share your questions and struggles. Talk to friends or family members who might know something about the guitar.

Assuming that something you do is correct just because you are uncertain and want to move on can create bad habits that are difficult to get rid of and prevent progress. Remember, ask!

Find a website that suits you

Finding the perfect website for you to learn how to play the guitar is actually half the battle. Whether you opt for a free or a paid solution, make sure that the platform you choose is reputable, trustworthy and user-friendly, with clear and complete learning materials and expert instructors.

Many guitar websites are amazing. Your choice should fit your style, needs and expectations. Here is a tip: if a course you’re researching is paid, scan the web and find out if they actually offer knowledge or features that you can’t find anywhere else.

Go for easy-to-read scale charts

The platform of your choosing should also provide beginners with scale charts that are easy to read. The notes must be clearly labeled, as you need to know both the frets and the notes you are playing.

An interesting additional feature many sites offer is a small description of the styles of music each particular scale is usually used in.

Always make informed choices and you will definitely succeed!

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